The Story Behind The Project

The Story Behind The Project

The Music:

I wanted to pay homage to the early work of The Meters and the Hip Hop songs that sampled them in the late '80s & early '90s when sampling was still a relatively new artform. For anyone who's interested in the small details, I limited myself to only sampling music performed by The Meters (on their own records, or as the backing band for Lee Dorsey, Betty Harris and WIllie West). All the vocal samples are from Hip Hop songs that themselves sampled The Meters, the only exceptions being a vocal sample (by Matata) and the classic "uhh" (by The Awesome Foursome) which I used to recreate bits from UK Hip Hop records (by SL Troopers & Hardnoise respectively) which had subtly sampled The Meters in their original songs. 

You can hear both sides of the 7" right here....

Here's a 60 minute mix that demonstrates how the music of The Meters influenced a whole generation of Hip Hop kids....

Please understand this is a charity release, limited to one copy or one pair of doubles per customer please! If you order more than this we will refund you for the extra copies and just send out doubles

Thank You: 

100% of profit/proceeds from this release will go to Giselle Chamberlain's cancer treatment fund. Everyone involved in this project has worked either for free, or at a vastly reduced rate, in order to make sure the maximum amount of money will reach Giselle. A massive THANK YOU goes to Mr Krum for the label artwork, Mark (aka Daddy Bones) @ Grand Vinyl Ltd for pressing/manufacturing, Matt Fletcher for mastering, Rarekind Records for posting/packaging, Dan Lish for allowing the use of his amazing Meters illustration on the home page. The biggest thank you must go to The Meters, Allen Toussaint, Lee Dorsey, Betty Harris, Willie West and all the Hip Hop artists I respectfully sampled. 

A Message To The Meters: 

I made these tracks out of pure love & respect for your music, and the countless Hip Hop songs that it spawned/inspired. This was the music I grew up listening to as an enthusiastic teenager, and it still shapes the majority of the music I make today as an equally enthusiastic 45 year old. I hope I've not upset or offended any past or present members of The Meters, or any of the rights holders of the music I sampled. I have credited 'Neville, Porter, Modliste, Nocentelli' as the song writers and have made no claim to anything myself, the release is strictly limited to 7" vinyl with all proceeds going to Giselle Chamberlain's cancer treatment fund.